Case study: pipeline tanks


Weston Flour Milling, Sydney.

The problem confronting Weston Flour Milling at Enfield in Sydney, Australia, was the need to make safe eight underground fuel tanks that were to be decommissioned.

The tanks ranged in size from 10,000 to 55,000 litres. Government WorkSafe regulations required them either to be taken out of the ground or filled to make them safe. But what filling material to use so that a decision could later be taken about their future ? They might later be put back in commission, taken out of the ground or simply left in the ground permanently out of use but safe. The answer came from the fuel tank specialist company, Gilbarco, who arranged for Grouting Plus Solutions to fill the tanks with Benefil, widely used in the UK and Northern Europe for this purpose. Quickly and safely, in 8 hours all the tanks were filled.

The Benefil components were mixed on-site. The Benefil foam pours like shaving cream, so it can be pumped a long way for difficult access. It was a quick and easy operation to connect to the fill pipes of the tanks and pump them full of foam while the air escaped via the vent pipes.

Benefil rapidly absorbs any residual hydrocarbons, making the tank quite safe. After 24 hours the Benefil sets into a rigid foam that’s strong but light.