Case study: pipeline tanks

Telstra Pipelines, Spotswood, Victoria.

The Yarra River between Spotswood and Port Melbourne is a common conduit for pipelines linking the two areas and is an area subject to heavy shipping traffic. As part of the channel deepening process, 3 x 150mm and 1 x 250mm pipelines needed to be filled with an inert lightweight absorbent material to fill the void spaces in the abandoned pipelines.

The distance was 440m and involved a drop of 15m on one side and a rise of a similar height on the other side. Benefil RG22 was selected for it’s lightweight absorbent characteristics, plus it’s ability to be pumped long distances. Due to the long distance, 3 pump units and 6 guns were brought together to enable the pipes to be filled from one side, as the combined capacity brought together meant close to 78m3 per hour was possible. One pipe had a blockage, which meant that it had to be reverse injected from each side via a 50mm poly pipe. The project was successful with all pipes being filled.

In 2009 an Australian Institute of Project Management Achievement Award was presented to this project.