Case study: pipeline tanks


case study: redundant pipeline


Client: WaterCare Services Ltd

Project Scope:WaterCare Services Ltd was required to fill 3,600 linear metres of redundant sewer mains at Matakana, north of Auckland. The council-owned pipeline, had previously been de-commissioned. However, as a compliance and safety issue, the lines had to be filled to prevent the possibility of dangerous collapse in the future.

Methodology:The 3,600 metres of pipeline comprised 1,800 m of each of two sizes of pipe: ND 100 and ND 150. Benefil is an amino-plastic, expanding filler-grout. It is a safe, non-toxic, environmentally-friendly material that resists micro- and macro-organisms. Benefil grout has a life-expectancy in excess of 50 years. Benefil is rapidly mixed and foamed for immediate injection on-site. In this case the entire network was injected via man-holes. Two foam generating trucks and a generator were used at the injection points and the project was completed in five days. There was no disruption to traffic nor to the residents of Matakana.