Physical properties


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Benefil is produced from a plural component resin. The resultant cellular matrix quickly gels, then hardens by chemical reaction.
Long netted polymer threads with cross link couplings are formed, transforming the thixotropic material into one solid body which adopts the form of the cavity being filled. There is no expansion pressure. The reaction is not exothermic.
Components and equipment are transported to site by one truck. Very long hoses can be run out to portable mixing equipment and, if remote from the truck, there is absolutely no noise at the fill point. On completion there is nothing to clean away.
Densities can be varied, from a dry weight of just 12kg/m3 to over 70kg/m3 to achieve comprehensive strength in accord with load requirements. BenefilĀ® is not intended to withstand point loading or abrasion.
Benifil resins are environmental friendly. In typical applications Benefil will not decompose and is resistant to hydrocarbons, solvents and other chemicals. Life expectancies are quoted at up to 150 years. The product has been proven for over 20 years in Europe.