The Company.
Grouting Plus Solutions operates throughout Australia
and New Zealand offering void filling solutions to the Civil Engineering and
Utilities Sectors.

The Product.
Benefil Polymer resin is a super lightweight grouting
material produced on demand from totally self contained vehicles capable of
carrying sufficient material to produce in excess of 100m3 per visit.
Fast pumping speeds and the ability to adjust product density instantly enable
us to offer tailored solutions to a wide range of applications whilst providing
the flexibility to respond to changes to on site conditions as they occur.

About Benefil.
Benefil is a foamed grout made from an aerated amino
• Solvent free
• Non toxic
• Non flammable
• Rot resistant to both salt and fresh water
• Minimal environmental impact
• Produced and installed directly on site
• Very few site deliveries required
• Extremely low labour inputs required for manufacture and installation
• Design life of 50 years
• No post-expansion
• Extremely lightweight: 50kg/cubic metre compared to foam concrete at approx
700kg/cubic metre and unreinforced concrete at 2000kg/cubic metre
• Final Benefil properties can be tailored to local conditions
• Foamed grout sets in 24 hours
• Benefil foamed grout can be recycled and used for agricultural applications
• Small carbon footprint

• Easily removable – can be used as a temporary solution when required

• Only applied by fully trained experienced technicians
• Very high pumping speeds
• Demountable plant and supplies for off road conditions or SSSI’s