Multi Purpose Lightweight
Engineering Filler / Grout

The economical way to fill large voids, interstitial spaces and disused underground tanks and pipes.  Benefil can be poured, pumped or injected into holes, voids and interstitial spaces – upwards, downwards or laterally over long distances.  Provide solutions throughout Australasia!


What We Do

Underground Tanks

In less than two hours disused fuel tanks are made safe. Benefil absorbs any residual hydro-carbons, making tanks safe from explosion and adding little appreciable weight. So tanks can later be removed, transported whole and cut up safely. Clean Benefil can be recycled or used as landfill. 

Safe: No heat, no electricity required and residual hydrocarbons are absorbed by the Benefil


Expanded Benefil can be induced to travel up to 100 metres. It is unique for filling pipelines and conduits. 
Residual fluids are forced ahead and expelled. Soil loss due to infiltration can be corrected by filling resultant voids from above. And an abandoned pipeline can be filled completely, even if only one end is accessible. Uphill or downhill, it makes no difference – Benefil won’t run out!

When Benefil is used to fill the interstitial (annular) space formed by relining, the new ‘slipline’ will not collapse nor float when being installed.

Massive Voids

Shafts, access tunnels and wash-aways are readily filled. Benefil requires pushing and does not flow, therefore only simple forms of containment are required.

Completeness and lightness of fill can also be important. It can be removed and recycled to re-open access, if later required. Floors and other structures threatened by erosion (e.g. flood damage or large washout caused by a broken water pipe) can be quickly stabilized, re-supported and or re-leveled.  

Case Studies / Projects

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