FAQ – Benefil

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the foam system approved by the Licensing Authorities? 
Grouting Plus Solutions tank filling compliant to the current Australian Standards,  part of the requirements and obligations of the EPA  “The Removal and Disposal of Underground Petroleum Storage Tanks AS 4976-2008” .

All GPS staff are WPCG trained and accredited.

How long will it take to make my tanks safe?
We can inject up to 120 cubic metres per day. 

How much disruption is there to my site during the injection?
The site can remain open during the injection, provided that there is room for a small truck and compressor. 

Is Benefil Polymer economical, how does the cost of foam filling compare to alternative methods and is it environmentally friendly?
Foam filling costs are comparable with alternative methods, with the benefit of minimal interruption and light weight, should removal be required in the future.

Benefil, upon removal, can be crushed beyond it’s compressive strength, so that volume is reduced by up to 80% when disposed of as landfill. Benefil is environmentally safe, the same product is used within our garden media. There is no heat and no electricity required and any residual hydrocarbons are absorbed by the polymer. 

If I want the tanks removed at a later date, can I do that? 
Yes. Foam filling makes the tank safe to handle and is advantageous since Benefil 1,800 weighs only 20kg per cubic meter when dry. 

There are case studies from Worksafe about decommissioned tanks exploding, how can Benefil address this problem? 
It is simply impossible to remove the remaining 2-3 cm of  residual liquid when a tank is emptied and decommissioned.

A disused underground petrol tank has exploded while being dug up at Eastwood, rocking nearby buildings to their foundations

To remove the danger of explosion the decommissioned tanks are required to be filled with a free flowing inert solid material. Benefil provides this solution as it is 100% free flowing and absorbs hydro-carbons, making tanks safe from explosion and adding little appreciable weight.

Benefil has been a proven method for 29 years in Europe and has a 20 year track record in Australia. 

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